The Best Java Books 2019

Java Books for beginners 2019

Searching for best Java books?

Congratulation !!!

You have passed the first step to become a Java programmer. You might wonder how?
Searching and gathering information regarding the objective we want to achieve is the first step which YOU  accomplished.

Without spending more time, Let’s come to the point. Below are the my recommendation according to my experience, hence will keep updating the post more as I keep experiencing more and more books so keep visiting the blog. Get introduced to Java in 10 minutes of reading.

  1. Head First Java: Although book is old but yet much valuable which teaches basic concepts of Java with beautiful real life stories, diagrams and illustrations. If you’re one of those who understands concepts with diagrams then this would be your best choice.

2. Java – The Complete Reference (Tenth Edition): This book also covers all basic things you must understand to make your career in Java. You can check it’s reviews on Amazon too. This book is for beginners as well as for experience pro programmers.


3. OCA Java SE 8 Sybex I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0–808 by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff

This book every Java programmer better carry since it’s a certification books it covers all the basic concepts in and out. I would highly recommend this book which would make your base so strong.

4. OCA Java SE Programmer I Certification Guide by Mala Gupta

Oh! well when it’s about Java certification how could we ignore books from Mala Gupta? I have not seen such beautiful book which teaches you the complex things of Java such way you wouldn’t even notice when you started reading the book and reached the last page of the book. That’s my personal experience with the book.

Besides book i would recommend forums which I have been using.

  1. Coderanch: It is the best forum I have ever come across in my entire career. I wish i would have discovered it in the beginning of my college day. Anyway it’s never too late.
    On the forum you wouldn’t get any ready made code. They wouldn’t do spoon feeding but they they will teach you guide you such way you will clears all doubts about programming.
  2. Stackoverflow: Who doesn’t know stackoverflow. I do use sometime stack overflow too but most of the time people use stackoverflow just to copy the code and QA.

Both are good at their places it’s you how you get most out of them.

Good luck !


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